Effective December 1st, 2021, CDN has acquired Exile Automation. CDN’s Automation and Communications services will now be offered through Exile Automation

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SCADA Hosting

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are beneficial in the monitoring and controlling of plant and equipment operations and in the gathering and analyzing of big data. CDN SCADA Hosting Services systems deploy multiple software and hardware elements, resulting in several benefits for our clients, including better security, increased production, increased runtimes, early detection of poor producers or well degradation, reduced operating costs, fewer well failures and limit driving time. A SCADA system allows for remote management and process control of dispersed locations. 

SCADA Hosting Services

  • Remote & Field Support
  • Data Monitoring & Processing
  • Valve, Pump & Motor Control
  • Trend Recording & Reporting
  • Data Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
We can help you migrate effectively to a fully optimized SCADA system. CDN’s SCADA Hosting Services focus on security; our team understands industrial control systems and leverages IT scrutiny to maintain optimal functionality. Our infrastructure is housed in top-tier data centers and access via modems and radios is through a private network connection. In addition to increased security, CDN’s SCADA systems also offer the highest availability by utilizing redundant servers, networking hardware and internet connections.
Safety is our top priority, and we strive to meet and exceed the standards set in place by the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulation, Code, and all other applicable requirements. As subscribers to a variety of contractor safety management systems, we place worker, client, and civilian safety at the forefront of our company.
We provide consulting services to help you get the most out of your SCADA system. Our experienced technicians can provide relevant advice and information regarding the appropriate strategy and implementation of SCADA automation. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our team by asking us about our consulting services.
  • SCADA Migration
  • Safety & Control
  • SCADA Consulting Services

SCADA Systems That Are Ready to Deploy

Our SCADA solutions include analyzing your options and designing a plan that meets your needs. We’ll help you evaluate and select SCADA services and perform all necessary audits. Upon selecting an appropriate system, we engineer your SCADA solution, respectively commission and decommission new and outdated systems, and offer ongoing support to ensure proper licensing and continual optimization. CDN Controls leads Western Canada in SCADA automation. Whatever service you require, we can handle, including in HMI & data migration, field installation, operations training, cybersecurity deployment, and more. If you’re looking for a way to reduce waste and employee downtime and maximize efficiency, talk to us about our SCADA software solutions today. 



We are devoted to ensuring that the health and safety of all workers, contractors, property owners, and clients, is never compromised. Our in-house Health, Safety, and Environmental team helps us to focus on maintaining a culture of safety resilience and reliability. Thus, we recognize that it is a team effort, and we manage our business tirelessly to ensure our ultimate goal is that everyone returns home safely at the end of each day. We subscribe to several contractor safety management systems, and we’re proud to feature COR certification through Enform.