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Indigenous Partnerships

Operating in Western Canada, CDN Controls has built several strong and innovative partnerships with Indigenous communities in the areas we serve. We believe that partnership agreements with Indigenous groups are mutually beneficial for both our business and the communities we work in.


Building constructive relationships with Indigenous communities by creating formal partnership agreements has taken on increasing importance in our activities. As a prerequisite for success, we strive to ensure our approach to developing partnerships is open, fair, and equitable so that the needs of both CDN Controls and our partner Indigenous communities are met. Although this process takes a considerable amount of time and resources, we believe that the relationships formed with our Indigenous partners are worth the effort.


Community Health & Wellness

HR CDN provides ongoing support or health and wellness initiatives in the Halfway River First Nation.

Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business

HR CDN is participating in the Progressive Indigenous Relations program and is certified as PAR Committed.

Training & Employment

We work with multiple organizations to provide Indigenous students with training and employment opportunities. 

Bold Eagle

Our company is a proud supporter of the Bold Eagle, which is a summer military program that promotes physical fitness, teamwork, and life skills for participating Indigenous youth.

Halfway River CDN Controls

In September 2015, we signed our first formal Indigenous partnership agreement with Halfway River First Nation, a community located 75 km northwest of Fort St. John, British Columbia. Together, we created Halfway River CDN Controls Ltd., a majority-owned Indigenous business with Halfway River Group of Companies. The venture developed with Halfway River First Nation reflects our commitment to collaborating with Indigenous communities in four key areas: Relationship Building, Business Development and Partnerships, Community Investment, and Employment.


Since its inception, Halfway River CDN Controls Ltd. has been recognized across British Columbia by business groups and non-profits as an excellent example of economic reconciliation between industry and Indigenous peoples in Canada. Currently, the company employees Halfway River First Nation and West Moberly First Nation community members. Additionally, the organization has also focused on delivering drivers training to Indigenous students at North Peace Secondary High School, helping youth from multiple communities in the Northeast British Columbia obtain their driver’s licenses.