Environmental, Social, and Governance Corporate Statement


We live in a complex and interconnected world that is facing significant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges. As service provider for  industry, government, and communities, CDN Controls Ltd., is not immune to the global uncertainties of our time. Accordingly, to position our company for future growth and success we have developed a corporate ESG Action Plan in collaboration with our clients, employees, and external  partners. Our ESG Action Plan begins with CDN’s vision:


To transform the way our industry delivers services through
innovation, inclusiveness, social responsibility, and community collaboration.


To achieve CDN’s vision, our ESG Action Plan concentrates on four pillars of success, each consisting of specific targets that will help drive the transformation of our business and clients we serve.


  • Climate Change – As a company we acknowledge that we must to more to reduce our environmental
    impact and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We will provide everyone the necessary support to succeed in our organization.
  • Reconciliation – Through the recognition of Indigenous rights we are advancing reconciliation, a new
    relationship, and new economic opportunities with Canada’s Indigenous peoples.
  • Local Communities – Our people strive to create shared value in the local and Indigenous communities
    that we operate.


Guiding Principles

To achieve our Vision, we are guided by the following principles.

  • We will incorporate ESG considerations into all of our company’s decisions.
  • We will make ESG a part of CDN’s corporate culture.
  • We will work with our clients, employees, community partners, and external partners to implement our ESG Action Plan.
  • We will hold ourselves accountable as we deliver on our commitments.


How We Succeed

CDN’s Action Plan provides a formal approach to addressing ESG issues and minimizing risks for our clients, their investors, and our community partners. To ensure our Action Plan meets its objectives we have created an ESG Committee to oversee and drive our Action Plan forward. Ultimately, our success will come from through enhancing our corporate culture and dedicating the necessary  resources to fully implement our corporate strategy.


By developing an ESG Action Plan we have established the foundation for our company to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. The benefits of operating this way are intended to help our clients meet ESG targets required by their investors, shareholders, and management teams.