The Advantages Of Using Combustors For The Environment

Combustors are a critical part of many industries to safely and securely remove their waste. Unfortunately, there is the stigma that combustion and emission services are damaging to the environment.

Most of the myths surroundings combustors and incinerators are false, giving the impression that they are only damaging and not helpful to the environment. In fact, the use of combustors, especially modern designs, have been seen as beneficial to the disposal of waste, and the reduction in carbon emissions. The latest designs have been adapted to ensure that any impact on the environment is minimal.

From a high destruction rate to a reduction in odors and pollutants, here is why combustors are helpful to the environment.

The Benefits Of Using Combustors For The Environment

Decreases the Quantity of Waste 

Combustors are able to successfully destroy all types of waste, with 99% efficiency. Such is the strength of the combustor that practically all the waste inside will be annihilated into ash – which can be reused in the building industry.

combustion and emission services

But what is more important than that, is the reduction of the amount of waste in the workplace and industry, as well as the decrease of the land needed to store the waste. The less waste that is exposed, the less exposure the waste has on the environment.

Reduction of Pollution

With a 99% destruction efficiency, and combustors being attuned to Alberta and Saskatchewan government spacing requirements, you will be shocked to learn that combustors reduce pollution. An overload of waste storage leads to the release of greenhouse gases, including nitrogen oxides, dioxin, and non-methane organic compounds. At the same time, poisonous chemicals can get into the water system and soil if exposed.

But with a combustor, you will be reducing the impact of exposed waste and these gases in two ways:

  1. The use of the combustor means that all the waste is incinerated – ensuring that no waste releases gases in the air.
  2. Modern combustors have filters that trap the release of hazardous gases, particularly dioxin, into the air. It ensures that pollution limits are reached.

Overall, modern day combustors mean a low carbon emission footprint.

Provides Better Control of Odors 

No one enjoys the smell that comes with disposing of waste in a combustor. But that is now a thing of the past. Modern-day designs mean combustors have a “no odor” fixture which limits the amount of foul odors coming out.

Saves on Transportation of Waste

One off-shoot of using combustion and emission services is the decrease in transporting waste. Instead of wasting fuel – causing more damage to the environment – having a settled combustor designed specifically for your workplace, means that there is no need for transporting waste across cities or towns to get destroyed.

Having your own combustor will means a reduction in fuel from trucks, thus drastically reducing your overall carbon footprint. At the same time, from a financial point of view, it saves plenty of money.

Eliminates Harmful Germs and Chemicals

It one of the most overlooked factors that comes with waste: the damage that germs and chemicals have on the environment, and on people.

But with combustors functioning at a very high temperature, all germs and chemicals from the waste will be destroyed. It is a very effective method for the disposal and destruction of these harmful substances.

Better Designs Mean Fewer Eco-System Problems 

Such is the quality of many modern combustors, you will find that there are fewer problems. And fewer problems means less chances of an environment incident occurring. The products are created to stop any issues from spiralling out of control, and with consistent maintenance, you’ll find that there will be less problems to manage.

Conclusion: Combustors Can Help The Environment

Overall, the use of modern-day combustors is not only valuable for businesses, and the management of waste, but also has a significantly positive impact on the environment. You can have any combustor customized for your industry needs while ensuring that reach both business and environmental goals.

If you have the opportunity to help your company and help the environment, then a combustor is for your operations.

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