CDN Controls: The Leading Industrial Automation Company In Western Canada

CDN Controls understands the importance of a company having an automation system to help its operations run effectively and efficiently. The smoother the process, the less time wasted, the more effective your company will meet its high standards and manage situations. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with your automation systems – and this is where CDN Controls comes in. We are a full-service integrator that can provide your company with start-to-finish solutions. Our skills and levels of experience have no limits. We can help you with designing, manufacturing, installation, testing, maintenance, or licensing so that your company gets the results it needs. From working on a simple well site to installing a DCS system in a large gas plant, we are fully equipped to take on any project – regardless of its size. We aim to modernize processes and improve operational quality for a range of different industries, including energy, oil and gas, and more. This is why our clients trust us as partners for their automation systems. From small changes to existing control systems to completely new designs, we have the team to meet your needs. Experience a leader in the industry. Reach out to CDN Controls.

Trust The Experienced Industrial Automation Company

We believe in providing our clients with the best in the business. Employees with professionalism, expertise and a commitment to obtaining high-quality results for our clients is who we have on our team. It is why we don’t have to contract out your project – our skilled employees are the experts that do the job for you. With more than 86 years of combined industry experience, we have the senior team of automation staff with a wide variety of technical backgrounds, past projects, and industrial experience. Our team has the drive to deliver the operational and maintenance service you need for your automation systems. When it comes to developing and programming, we understand that everyone has different systems for their industries. With skilled professionals at the helm, we will be able to manage, assist, test and install a range of automation systems designed for your industry. We are a senior integrator of any industrial automation systems, including DCS, PLCs, RTUs, HMIs and SCADA systems. We have licenced integration with Rockwell, Cygnet, Modicon, Schneider, GE and many more automation systems. If you need work for a specific system, we can do it. All our programming is IEEE compliant – ensuring absolute control for all controllers, as well as being available in a wide range of languages. We also can design, develop and implement plant controller systems with over 10,000 IO points. With our qualifications and industrial experience, you are leaving the operations of your business to the leading industrial automation company in Western Canada. For more information about our automation services and these top-tier systems, please feel free to speak to our team.