CDN Controls is committed to building strong and innovative partnerships with Aboriginal communities across Western Canada. We believe that partnership agreements with Aboriginal groups are mutually beneficial for both our business and the communities we operate in. Formal agreements allow Aboriginal groups to become partners in our business rather than mere stakeholders, fulfilling one of our most important commitments to Aboriginal communities and peoples.

Building constructive relationships with Aboriginal communities by pursuing mutual objectives through formal partnership agreements has taken on increasing importance in our activities. As a prerequisite for success, we strive to ensure our approach to developing partnerships is open, fair, and equitable so that the needs of both CDN Controls and our partner Aboriginal communities are met. Although this process takes a considerable amount of time and resources, we believe that the relationships formed with Aboriginal communities are worth the effort.

In September 2015 we signed our first formal Aboriginal partnership agreement with Halfway River First Nation, a community located 75 km northwest of Fort St. John, British Columbia. Together, we created Halfway River CDN Controls Ltd., a majority-owned Aboriginal business partnership with Halfway River Group of Companies. The venture developed with Halfway River First Nation reflects our commitment to collaborating with Aboriginal communities in four key areas: Relationship Building, Business Development and Partnerships, Community Investment, and Aboriginal Employment.

Pressing forward, we are continuing to engage and pursue partnership agreements with other groups so that additional Aboriginal communities across Western Canada can share in our success.